Video Night at ap-ART-ment

We watched amazing videos and had great discussions about them on Thursday night. At the end of the evening, we couldn't help but reflect on the amazing happenstance (or was it?) concerning the videos shown (especially concerning the common themes of identity and body). Sometimes things just work out beyond the expectations with which they were planned.

We sincerely appreciate the artists' contributions to the evening. Thank you Hannah Piper Burns, Nicole Crescenzi, Christina Corfield,Philip Benn, Peter Belkin, and Percy Cannon.

The videos shown were:

Hannah Piper Burns

the post(?) feminist dissonance project

9:56 min


the post(?) feminist dissonance project uses a quote by kathleen hanna as a prompt, a voicemail box as an interviewing device, found footage as a tool, and text as a character. it is a study in the cacophony of the inner life tuned against the perception of reality. i made this piece to see if i was alone, and i discovered that for better or for worse, i am not. this is above all about the process, not the resolution.

Christina Corfield

Hot Circuit

Approximately 5 minutes (made as a ten channel installation piece, for tonight’s screening the piece is edited as a single channel)

In a world not too dissimilar to our own, the worst things happen to the best robots...


Nicole Crescenzi


16mm short film (projected digitally)

Approximately 3 minutes


“The existing order’s uninterrupted monologue of itself” writes its unilateral message upon us— a sharp tongue of ideology lacerating our bodies, both corporeally and psychologically. Thus, now more than ever, we must reposition ourselves to understand this call and to make utterances in turn.

Recruiting the dissonant energies of stop-motion animation with hand-painted, marked, and processed 16 mm film, Crescenzi is an attempt to not only shed light upon those representational systems into which we become speaking subjects in a symbolic order, but to also underscore the precarious nature of such (de/en)coding.

Philip Benn, Peter Belkin, Percy Cannon

Warfield Shadows

Video Documentation by Hava Liberman


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