Final Event- screening of The Night Porter- introduced by Laura Wittman

The ap-ART-ment finished it's two week residency with a dark and complicated film from 1974, The Night Porter in which a young female survivor of the Holocaust becomes re-involved sexually and psychologically with a man who had been her Nazi captor and torturer in a concentration camp. Made by Liliani Cavani, an Italian female director in the 1970's, The Night Porter was introduced by Laura Wittman, professor Italian and French Language and Literature at Stanford University. As a group we spoke frankly after the film about the presence of a glorified Nazi presence in the film, the lack of a seemed free-will-to-act by any subject in the film, and the complicated development of Charlotte Rampling's character's youthful sexuality in terms wholly restricted by the context in which it occurred: the concentration camp in Nazi Germany.

We appreciated Wittman's introduction and her guidance after in unpacking what had been presented in the film.

Again, thanks to everyone who arrived at the ap-ART-ment to listen and interact with new artists and to rethink a domestic space with us.

Cathy and Laura

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