Long Distance Dinner Party

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our long distance dinner party with Dori Latman last night and for the viewing of her installation Love Portraits in ap-ART-ment. Through Dori's cooking and baking instruction, awkward time lapse exchanges via Skype, Dori's Skype image projected on the wall in the kitchen like big brother or in this case big sister watching over our actions, the evening was filled with food and food for thought.

Dori's Love Portraits speak to the complexities of relationships especially as they are carried out at a distance. The dinner collaboration between Cathy, me, and Dori, and the participation of our guests, inherently referenced the many issues Dori speaks about in her statement for Love Portraits. A portion of that statement reads

"Portraits, particularly when displayed in one’s own home, function to capture moments in time and memory. Portraits of couples in love are especially nostalgic, frozen moments that imply the simple joy of being in the company of another person. When relationships are complicated by divorce, death, or distance, the portrait becomes much more valuable, serving to fill a void, sustain a hope, or keep a personal narrative alive...Love Portraits is also part of a process in dealing with distance and the complexities of love."

The complexities of distance and of relationships whether newly forged or intimately lived came together last night with the sustenance of what Dori conceived of as a meal of comfort.

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