Salon Show, Pop Up Art House, opens this weekend

PUAH Gallery presents:

Salon Show

February 18th - March 24th, 2012

Salon reception for the artists & writers: Saturday, February 18th from 6-8pm

24 artists from as far wide as New York, San Francisco, Ohio, LA & LV will be exhibiting in PUAH Gallery's first group show.

As in the tradition of the original salon shows, the invitation was spread to art school campuses throughout the southwest. The show will feature students, recent grads, emerging and established artists in a jostling of paintings, drawings and sculpture.

Following the tradition that is credited with the inception of the modern art critic, a Gazette will be produced featuring musings by critics, writers, poets, editors and the artists themselves.

To further our amusement with the theme of a gallery mocking a museum, the Salon Show will also feature a gift shop complete with artistic goods and merchandise. Following the poet Ezra Pound's 1934 injunction to "Make it new!", artists will be taking vintage objects and rendering them a twist. Expect the gallery acronym PUAH (meaning "splendid" in Hebrew) embellished on goods. Come join the fun at our Salon opening and gather in refined conversation, relish in floor to ceiling art, read all about it in the Gazette and take home a commemorative coffee mug!


Jason Adkins, Mark Brandvick, Matthew Couper, Rory Devine, Catherine Fairbanks, Laura Boles Faw, Ellary Eddy, Jared Flores, Susanne Forestieri, Drina Fried, Wendy Kveck, Matthew Marchand, Jane Marquez, Mark Mellon, Ford Minton, Ann Mowry, Brent Payne, David Sanchez Burr, Jim Seely, Kathleen Strukoff, Markus Tracy, Jevijoe Vitug, Holly Vaughn and Greta Waller


Jay Burton (writer/Unnatural Light), Gregory Crosby (poet), Scott Dickensheets (editor/writer), Hugh Fogel (founder Unica Home), Mat Gleason (Coagula/Huffington Post), Danielle Kelly (critic), Andrew Kiraly (editor/writer), Jenesca Kenway (critic) and Kristen Peterson (arts writer)