Meet Your Maker, a one night perfomance by artist Elinor J. D. Diamond

Meet Your Maker an evening of gluttony and disgust was perfectly timed to arrange itself in the midst of this complicated domestic, i.e. private, salon. Diamond produced work as neatly arranged as socialite's gathering with a touch of Paul McCarthy's nausea. To produce what Diamond states frankly as a moment of gluttony in her audience, she creates scenarios or objects out of baking recipes perfectly honed for their taste and aroma while baking, and though beautiful to look at, one instantly recognizes the grotesque. In Meet Your Maker she especially toyed with volume and consumption, as opposed to many of her other pieces which have explored desire, anticipation, and expectation. Meet Your Maker required nascent-focused audience members to parse baby-name lists by popularity on websites, and create a list of names to give Diamond. From that list she chose to bake a fetus-shaped cookie, decorate to her choosing and then either eat it herself or pass it to the group for consumption. She created a set of rules, flowchart like in which audience members were to interact with her and the fetuses: there were rules about which cookies you had to eat, and how to go about asking for forgiveness if you wrongly named one of your offspring.

To presume that this performance was only social would miss the point. This piece was in addition political, requiring more than a nod to the status of our current lives: most people recognize the term 'fetus' existing in the limited capacity of an abortion debate. An entire evening of drinking whole milk and eating white flour and sugar additionally brought the discussion of American diet and from that a conversation about our food sources.

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