Breakfast with John DeFazio

To continue the theme of gluttony, Ruth Hodgins spent the day with us on Saturday blowing approximately 50 of the 90 eggs she brought with her. The egg yolks are the by-product of a sculptural collaboration with Kit Rosenberg. So, although several of us pitched in to help out, Ruth probably blew about 40 eggs herself! I'm surprised she didn't pass out but glad that she didn't.

With the first group of blown eggs we cooked breakfast for John DeFazio, a legendary teacher at the San Francisco Art Institute. John has been an influential presence to so many students and we wanted to thank him for his guidance, words of wisdom, and consistent encouragement. With mimosas in hand, we had a relaxing meal talking about all things art and life.

After a wonderful meal, Ruth was back to blowing eggs while Cathy and I worked in the other room. She then made cupcakes, olive bread, and sponge cake until people showed up for the viewing of The Night Porter. Before the film, we delved into Ruth's bounty so that we had plenty of fuel for the movie ahead.

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