ap-art-ment experiences Vernissage 2010.

The Essential Voyage

ap-art-ment floats. For Friday’s Vernissage festivities, ap-art-ment is chartering a small Grand Banks to take people out on the bay for a short voyage. A shuttle will whisk small groups of people from the front door of Herbst Pavillion to the dock at City Yachts a mere 400 yards away. You will board The Cimba and head out for a 20-minute Bay experience and return to the pavilion newly-oriented to Fort Mason and its surrounding geography.

The Broadsheet,Volume I

ap-art-ment goes to press. ap-art-ment is releasing its first publication, a tabloid newspaper, printed on the Vandercook printing press at SFAI. Copies of The Broadsheet will be distributed at Vernissage on May 13, 7-10pm and May 14 from 6-8. Look for newspaper boys passing out the newspapers in Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason. Contributors to The Broadsheet are Matthew Marchand, David Zuttermeister, Magda Stanova, Daniel Yovino, Nicole Lattuca, Patricia Augsburger, Cathy Fairbanks, and Laura Boles Faw.

The Broadsheet is topical, irreverent, and expansive.

The Incredible Hull

ap-art-ment sails. ap-art-ment sails the Bay on Wednesday, May 19. Leaving the Berkeley Marina at 11:30 am, ap-art-ment will sail the San Francisco Bay heading toward the Golden Gate Bridge as we collectively experience a sound piece by Cathy Fairbanks about her family's connection to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge and her own complicated relationship with this structure.


ap-art-ment Has Gone To Press!

ap-art-ment has gone to press with its first publication, a tabloid newspaper The Broadsheet. Contributors to volume 1 of The Broadsheet are Matthew Marchand, David Zuttermeister, Nicole Lattuca, Patricia Augsberger, Daniel Yovino, Magda Stanova, Cathy Fairbanks and Laura Boles Faw.

The Broadsheet will be distributed at Vernissage, SFAI's MFA Thesis Show, which runs from May 15- May 22 at Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Newspaper boys will distribute the paper during the opening night's festivities on May 14 from 6-8.


Crossword Answers: The Broadsheet, Vol. 1

1. absurd 3. dualism 5. mimesis 6. hubris 8. foreground 10. trope 11. meta 12. alterity
13. ego 14. paradigm 16. complication 18. quality 20. icon 21. fragmentation
2. desire 3. dysfunctional 4. strategy 7. metonymy 9. disruption 11. myopic 13. episteme 15. doubling 17. co-opt 19. aura