Reason for Being

Cathy and I were talking about possible collaborations this past year and when she mentioned the idea of renting an apartment space in which to make art responding to the space, I was on board. Within the past year or so, I have been thinking a lot about the divisions between public and private space as well as the permeability and intersections of these divisions. Cathy and I started looking for an apartment or a room in an apartment at the beginning of this summer. While searching we found Nicole Lattuca’s Facebook posting about subletting her apartment for the summer. This is when our conversations with Nicole began.

Cathy and I both knew Nicole but not very well, so we thought this might be the perfect place to begin. We set up a meeting and from the get-go, Nicole was on board for us invading and responding to her space. Nicole has since been extremely open and willing to give us access beyond our expectations.

Nicole’s space is very personal and yet edited to what she finds most important. A hand embroidered hankie sits just so on the top of a side table, a few hand made items are placed on the wall, and family photos and books line her book shelf. We all know the feeling of seeing someone’s home and feeling like you know them just a little bit better. The way any space but especially a personal space informs a person (a body) and in turn the way that person (body) informs its space offers endless fodder for creative thought. This idea of dwelling and of personal imprint will most definitely influence the way we work in the space.

In addition to our personal response to the space, Cathy and I are very excited about extending our collaboration to other artists, curators, and thinkers within the community. Through film and video screenings, food/art projects, and roundtable discussions, we hope to foster intense dialogue and community within this private home and ultimately spark a nexus of ideas.

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