ap--art-ment's show is a Top Pick!

Because we can't help ourselves and are so unbelievably flattered, here's a link to Las Vegas Weekly's top picks for 2011.  ap-art-ment's About the Thing and the Thing Itself at Pop Up Art House was their #1 pick for art exhibitions!!!  Thanks to Matthew Marchand and to Shannon Mc Mackin for giving us the opportunity to put this show together.  And thank you to all of our friends who travelled from San Francisco, LA, and Virginia to support us and see the show!



Myth, detail

Myth, detail
pencil, paper

Myth is a set of limited edition drawings by ap-art-ment.
The artist not-so alone in her studio...


a moment of John Dewey

"Emotions are attached to events and objects in their movement (environment). They are not private."

-John Dewey, Art as Experience

ap-art-ment asks, are they social?