To a request from ap-ART-ment, Nicole responds to describe Advice Hotline...

Advice Hotline
Advice Hotline is a site-specific performance piece inspired by the interior architecture of my own apartment. A seat pulls down near an alcove designated for landline conversations, a charming albeit obsolete element in my San Francisco home. I have a home phoneline mostly for the nostalgic aesthetic, its only purpose to ring in visitors. Advice Hotline allows me the space to exist in the nostagic, in a sense of time travel. Along with specifics of architecture, conversation is an aspect of our culture to be nostalgic for. Contemporary forms of telecommunication create a significant and isolating distance. I am interested in "the art of conversation," the subtle changes in voice and tone, what it means to listen to someone's story in their own words. This past Friday saw the first realization of Advice Hotline, I received calls from Portland OR, NYC, Boston MA, Berlin Germany, as well as the historic Dogpatch district of San Francisco to name a few. Participants called with all sorts of questions and issues ranging from: the everday, job advice, to specific artistic critiques of work.
-Nicole Lattuca

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