Mount Farallon, a solo exhibition by ap-art-ment at Scrawl Center for Drawing

Mount Farallon
A Solo Exhibition of Experimental Works by ap-art-ment
Scrawl Center for Drawing
2325 Third Street, Studio 318

April 18th, 2015, 2-6 pm
Mount Farallon as an exhibition will consist of ap-art-ment's audio recording of the full text of RenĂ© Daumal's Mount Analogue, and the distribution of the first volume of N 37.7249°, W123.0303°, a magazine published by ap-art-ment based on their project Far Along, a journey to the Farallon Islands.  

Mount Analogue has become an influential text in their practice, and this exhibition will attempt to use the kunsthall-like space of the Scrawl Center for Drawing to offer a contemplative listening environment for the full audio work.

The audience is encouraged to understand that the nature of this exhibition is to attend the event as a whole. The audio will begin about 20 mins into the event and will play for roughly 140 mins. During that period audience members will be able to sit or lie down comfortably in the space of the exhibition, on mats and blankets provided. There will be an intermission during the audio piece and there will be refreshments served throughout. 

For the full audio, archived at soundcloud, click the link below 
Audio of Mount Analogue

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