Recently artist David Zuttermeister wrote this about ap-art-ment:

The artist collaborative of Cathy Fairbanks and Laura Boles Faw launched a project last summer called ap-art-ment, meant to study the ways that making art in a domestic context might change the game.

For the purpose of the project, Fairbanks and Boles Faw secured an apartment in San Francisco which they used in order to host screenings, talks, discussions, dinners, trans-atlantic video chats, cooking lessons, art-making sessions, workshops, panels, planning, and introspection with an emphasis on the intimate and the domestic. The two then collaborated on a public performance in the Adobe Books window project, organized by the Pistils, in which they collaboratively constructed two sculptures from ap-art-ment's ephemera in the Store/gallery's two windows by systematically trading the authorial/maker roles with each other vis-a-vis each sculpture.

Since no single document or object can reify the totality of this project, only other discursive practices can hope to capture it. One attempt is ap-art-ment's blog. Another is the pair's performance/sculpture. Neither is an accurate representation, but simultaneously points to itself and ap-art-ment. Since each of these additional discursive documents does not contain the work, but only further expands it, any attempt to conceptualize a means of display for it, to fix it, to pin it down, cuts it off at the knees.

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